Ashy Bines Review – SCAM Or Does It Actually Work?

Ashy Bines Review – SCAM Or Does It Actually Work?

If you’re thinking about buying Ashy Bines workout then you might want to read my review first, because what I found really opened my eyes.

You may have found Ashy on Instagram, Facebook or you may have even seen her on an Australian TV program called A Current Affair.

Which ever way you found her, here’s some things you need to know before you buy any of her guides.

Hi there! My name is Emily and today I’m going to share my thoughts and opinions on Ashy Bines and her workout guides.

There seems to be a lot of talk about Ashy Bines on social media lately and just recently I seen some interesting comments on a post in my newsfeed via Facebook.

What caught my attention was the amount of people saying Ashy was one big scam and there seemed to be a lot of people complaining about her taking money from their bank even after they cancelled their subscription.

After reading the comments on Facebook I decided to do a little research to see if there were any other complaints.

I Googled some phrases like “Ashy Bines Scam”, “Ashy Bines Rip Off” and “Ashy Bines reivew” to see what would show up. Just by looking at the search results that Google brought up, there is a number of complaints and negative reviews which is quit shocking!

What I found is quit alarming, so please read on…

One of many comments left on A Current Affair Facebook page.

Ashy was even featured on A Current Affair (watch the video here). Basically, she was accused of plagiarism which she later admitted too and there was a number of complaints from people who bought her program that felt ripped off, so much so that it was aired on TV.

She was even exposed internationally with articles popping up all over the place on the web and newspapers (See

Further research lead me to a website and twitter page dedicated to exposing these claims, where people can comment and share their opinions.

After reading some of the tweets, I think it’s safe to say there’s a LOT of angry customers

Ashy Bines Alternative For Those Who Want A Real Workout Program

What ever you do, don’t get disccouraged and give up. There are plenty of workout guides available that are safe to buy.

One program that I’ve personally been following is Jen Ferruggia’s Bikini Body Workouts.

Here’s why I think you’ll love her workouts as much as I do.

Jens program is a complete diet and workout program that includes follow along workout videos, pdf eBooks, grocery list, supplement guide and now she’s just included an extra workout video called the 21 day booty blast.

Best of all, you get the lot for $29.99.

Compare that to most workout programs these days and I think you’ll agree that that’s very affordable. The programs is actually really good too!

Have you noticed how most fitness instructors charge you so much for a workout guide and then expect you to buy their diet plan for an extra charge?

Well, not with Jens program because you get everything for the one price.

It’s also a one time payment so you’re not locked into any kind of subscription like Ashy Bines has set up.

If you want to check it out visit her Bikini Body Workouts website here. The before and after pics of her followers are very inspiring!

Conclusion: Always Do Your Research!

Something to think about when buying a workout program is, not all guides are created equal (unless you’re like Ashy and copy other peoples stuff).

Some programs are designed to pack on muscle, some just for weight loss and others are for fitness.

Take Bikini Body Workouts for instance, Jen has put this program together for people who want to lose weight, tone up and build muscle definition. If that’s the kind of workout you’re interested in then I recommend checking her out.

The most important thing is – which ever workout guide you decide to follow, you must take action.

Don’t just buy something and do it half assed! Follow it as strictly as possible and never give up.

Just keep picturing how smoking hot you’re going to be in 12 weeks from now!

Good luck and thanks for reading my rant 🙂

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  1. Thanks for writing this, helped a lot. I actually remember seeing this on tv but didn’t click with the name. I think I will stay away!

    Quick question, can you do the jen ferruggia workouts at home? I live out of town and can’t get to the gym all the time.
    Thanks again, hope you can reply.

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