Best Ab Workouts for Women

Best Ab Workouts for Women

Time To Rejuvenate and Redefine Your Midsection – Just Follow These 7 Amazing Ab Exercises for Women!

Looking to get back into that freakum dress after giving birth? Or maybe those snack bars are starting to pack up a little fat around the midsection.

If you notice your tummy start to pop out, perhaps it’s time you hit the gym. Well, that is something that only your personal trainer would tell you. Why do you need the gym while there are some pretty impressive ab workouts for women of all walks of life?

All you have to do is know the right ones. Luckily, you’re at the right place.

If you want that tight, flat and nicely toned midsection without having to get yourself under a diet or spilling your money into a gym, you will find that these ab workouts for women will be your best companion.

So let’s get started. Grab a mat and move the table. You’ll need the space.

1. Plank hold Ab Workout - Perfect For Women!

It is critical to always start with a slight warm up before you get started. It is even more important to start easy then work your way up.

The plank hold, simple as it may be is among the best ab exercises for women there is. Push-ups are not the norm for most women. They sound a little scary. But, don’t worry, the term will come up a couple of times, but you won’t have to do a push-up.

Start by lying flat on your tummy (this is where your mat comes in handy). Assume a push-up position. This is what is referred to as the plank position.

Once in that position, ensure that your legs are straight, and your butt is not popping. Hold it! Slowly count to 10. Take a one minute rest and resume. Each ten count is one set.

2. Knee Fold Tuck Ab Exercise - Another Great Workout For Women.


If you prefer getting right into the thick of things, this is a great workout that creates a furnace for those calories, tightens the muscles and works the core.

There’re a couple of variations you can take with this to make it more efficient but for now, the basics should be more than enough. You might not need your mat for this but; you can still have it around.

Start by sitting on the floor with your back at a 90-degree angle to your thighs. You can use your arms to prop up.

Straighten your back and, raise your knees to a 45 degrees angle. Now the work begins. Lift your foot off the floor as well as your palms.

Stretch your arms so they’re parallel to the ground. In a fluid motion, you stretch out your legs as your lean your back towards the floor.

Come back up as if reaching for your toes. Each time stop your feet at the 45 degrees angle. If you would like to make this even more efficient, you can tuck a ball between your knees.

3. Boat Pose Ab Exercise


Here is another sweet one. You will love this one and so will your soon to be rock hard, perfectly toned midsection. The boat pose is relatively straightforward but packs quite the punch.

Lie flat on your back with your feet straight. Lift them up to a 45degrees angle off the floor. Don’t forget to keep them straight.

Now lift your back to form sort of a ‘V’ between your legs and your tummy. Finally get your hands off the floor and there your go!

With this exercise, you burn fat all around your midsection. It might take some time to kick in. Once it does, you’ll need all the endurance you can conjure to keep the pose.

Once you hold the pose, again count to 10 and take rests in between. Each 10-count is one set. You can do as many sets as you can handle but it is always advisable to start with three then work your way up.

4. Side Plank hold


So far, the focus has been on your abdominal muscles. Toning them down and building strength at your core.

However, as much as you want a flat tummy, you also want that subtle contour around on your love handles and obliques. There are some impressive abdominal exercises to help you build that. Side planks are one of them. Here’s how they’re done.

Just like the other best ab workouts for women, you will start close to your friend- the floor! This time, lie on the side stacking your legs together one on top of the other.

The mat will also be quite helpful in making the initial step more comfortable. Once you get into this posture, lift your body up by bringing up the elbow such that your elbow is touching the floor right under your shoulder.

You should feel some burning sensation on the sides. That is exactly what you’re looking for. Count to 10 then switch to the opposite side for the same count. Once you cover both sides, that can be considered as one set.

5. Abdominal Hold Exercise - Feel The Burn!


Here’s one you don’t get to hear every day! The abdominal hold. It has quite the intimidating name too. Right? Before you get all excited, you’ll need to pull up a chair for this one.

Start by sitting tall at the edge of the chair with your hands on the brink of the chair and your fingers pointing toward your knees.

Harden your abs and lift your feet off the floor about four inches high then, raise your butt off the seat. The aim is to have the same sitting posture without the chair.

Hold the position for as long as you can push yourself. Now, if you’re starting out, aim for about five seconds. Gurus can hit up to 10 seconds at a go.

There’re many benefits with this workout. For starters, it helps to build strength and endurance and also works to trim your entire core and a bit of your back and glute muscles.

It might not be your favorite but, it’s one of the most active female ab workouts you will find.

6. Opposite Arm and Leg Raise


If you would prefer to start off by finding out how strong your abs are, opposite arm and leg raises are cut out for that. They’re also perfect for working on that core strength.

It’s a workout best done after some adequate warm up. So, don’t rush into it. If possible, it is best done last on your routine.

Start on the plank position that we had talked about earlier only that this time; your knees are on the ground, so your butt forms sort of a right angle.

Start by stretching out the right arm forward and the left leg backward. If you’re just starting, keep the opposite knee on the ground.

If you’re up to it, you can try going full plank by lifting the right knee off the ground. Count to about five then go back to the starting position.

On this set, stretch out your left arm and the right leg backward. Hold that for about another five seconds before you can switch again.

It gets hard pretty fast so; you need to make sure you do it right, and you get the proper posture for your core to suck in all the benefits.

7. Mountain climbers


This exercise comes in all kinds of names including circle plank, but because it is amazing, it was saved for last. If you want an action packed ab cracking, sweat-busting workout that does not need you to go to the gym to look great, this is it! It will work your core harder than a donkey and other muscles as well. It is all-inclusive and downright brutal!

Don’t wimp out. Try it. You’ll love the results it gives. Again, you’re starting in the plank position on this too. Make sure that your palms are right below your shoulder for the perfect plank and your back is all straight.
Now, slowly pull in your left knee towards your right shoulder.

Try to bring it as far in as you can. Slowly take it back and bring in the right knee to the left shoulder. Start it slow and, make sure to tuck in the knee as far as you can. Begin with five reps on each side. If you feel the workout is getting simple, increase the tucking speed. You’ll be breaking a sweat in no time.

For most women, having a bikini busting core means endless hours at the gym, hiring chefs for your diet and a variety of other options that rarely work. But, with these great core laborious workouts, you could be looking great in no time.

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The female body is a work of art that is meant to remain as nothing other than that. However, after giving birth, years of eating fat-packed snacks with minimal care, the contours might get a little floppy and out of control.

With these best ab workouts for women, you should be able to panel-beat that body into the smashing bikini body that it once was. Just try them out.

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