Body Transformation Blueprint Review

Body Transformation Blueprint Review

Hi Guys,
Thanks for dropping by to read my review of Sean Nalewanyj’s Workout Review. My name is Ernest and I’m pretty pumped to share with you my experience with the  Sean Nalewanyj’s Workout.

I’m a 28 years of age full-time paramedic, living by on my own.

Working the hours that I work and keeping up with the commitments that I have can sometimes be challenging when it comes to taking care of myself. Over the last 4 years I have let myself go and I’ve put on an excessive amount of weight!

I eventually realized that I CANNOT continue living like this and what scared me the most was not knowing how I would look or turn out if I didn’t actually do anything about my weight.

So like anyone else I started to speak to friends and family about what I should be doing to lose this weight and honestly, they weren’t the best of help so I jumped online and researched different Workout plans and lucky enough I came across The Body Transformation Blueprint by Sean Nalewanyj’s.

This is a plan that has truly done wonders for me. I am speaking from experience!!

Sean caught my attention with his ‘This is not a quick fix or miracle short cut’ statement which stood out for me because I didn’t want to be miss-lead since there are so many gimmicks out there.

After researching people’s feedback about Sean Nalewanyj’s workout plan I knew then that with this many positive reviews and experiences I had to give a try.

Plus, he sounded like he knew what he was talking about. I guess that’s why he is a BEST-SELLING AUTHOR & Fitness Trainer.

So through my continuous due diligence of a variety of plans Sean Nalewanyj’s plan stood out the most so I went ahead with his program.

Some of the key things that stood out to me when I decided to go ahead with Sean Nalewanyj’s plan was his upbeat energy which motivated me and certainly encouraged me to push and get results and his knowledgeable experience in the industry.

But Does Sean Nalewanyj’s Plan Actually Work!?

Yes, it does!!! Personally, I am the type of person that requires an increased amount of motivation because of my unhealthy habits, but he has made it so simple and effect to follow.

What I experienced with the Sean Nalewanyj’s plan is that the exercise routines are far from difficult and quite simple to adopt and ace the technique especially with his straight forward explanations.
I felt comfortable doing the exercises that he was showcasing in the video tutorials, I think buy a plan that has a video component is a huge advantage!

My Impressive Results So Far… (Updated)

This was my 4 week experience and results with Sean’s plan.

First Week: Starting weight 192 lbs. By the second day working on the plan, I felt a good burst of energy which really pumped me up to push harder. I didn’t see any major physical change in my body after the first week, but I certainly felt really energetic.

Week 2: It felt like I was easily smashing through each workout. I even increased the weight of each set because I felt confident and strong enough to do so.
Oh, and another stand out benefit of this Workout plan is the solid good nights sleep that you get that I started experiencing midweek 2 – Because of my rostering of being a paramedic it has always been that I’ve had experienced intermittent sleeping habits. I noticed a small growth of my muscle mass.

Week 3: This was the week I got most excited I started seeing actual results and definitely feeling stronger. Week 3 motivated me the most.

Week 4: Finishing Weight 187 lbs. This is when I notices the most that this plan is really working. I’m really starting to see some noticeable weight loss. Definitely didn’t expect these kind of results this fast.

Okay, so my goal isn’t to be a massive body builder, I just wanted to lose the unnecessary weight and then have that added muscle toned.

I was able to achieve this in 6 short weeks and I’m almost where I want to be. Right now I’m feeling more energetic and I noticed a big increase in strength and my recovery time.

Could I Get These Results Without Sean Nalewanyj’s Plan?

I’ve been trying to bulk up and loose this weight for a while now, but I have always struggled, the main areas I had difficulties with is the excess weight around my lower stomach and legs… And I wanted to really gain the muscle mass around my chest, shoulders and Calves. That is the reason why I went in search for something that will help me develop the knowledge to achieve the results I was after.

I can honestly say that I very much doubt I could have lost the weight and bulked up the way I have in such a short time without using the Sean Nalewanyj’s plan.

Conclusion – Sean Nalewanyj’s Workout Plan Is A Valued Buy!!

I have enjoyed the Workout plan! It has certainly worked for me. Now everyone is different and will have different goals, so if it is weight loss or muscle gain that you’re after I can tell you from my own experience I was able to achieve a weight loss from 192 lbs to 187 lbs and you can see the muscle gain from the photos.

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