Massy Arias Workout Review

Massy Arias Workout Review

Over All Rating: ★★★★★

Hey There Everyone,

My name is Tasheka and I really want to share with you my experience with the Massy Arias Work Out.

Im a 25 old student studying childcare, living independently while working at the local cafe.

I don’t normally write reviews but I felt this was a good platform to help remind me how I got to where I am today.

Most of my teenage hood and adult life I lived an overweight life alway researching and trying to discover what I can do to lose weight…. And honestly I continued to have difficulties finding something that worked for me.

Because of my appearance I always found it challenging to confidently go out with friends, family especially going to the beach… 🙁

It was torture always feeling this way I knew I had to stop making excuses to eat rubbish food and stop telling myself I had no time to go the gym.

So I jumped online and researched a couple of diets, workout and weight loss methods and when I did Massy Arias workouts caught my attention so I did some further research, learning quickly that Massy Arias has a good following on social media and gave me confidence to buy her workout program!

I was just a click away from buying her workout program but after noticing the price it threw me off.

So I Calculated the value of Massy Arias Workouts

Massy Arias 30-day Summer Fat Loss and Lean Muscle Building Guide will cost you $125

Her 8 Week Personalised Online Training which includes meal and exercise plan is at a crazy $299 

Her 8 Week Custom Nutrition Program (Meal Plan) is $150 

So if you decided to go for her Complete 8 Weeks Plan then will cost you $449

That can be a lot of money to spend for most people. 
One thing that I realised when researching was the extra money I would be out laying out for groceries that I would need to use for the suggested meal plans.

Further Research of Other People Experience Of Massy Arias Workouts

In the beginning I was under the impression that because it had such a high price tag the Workout plan had to be really good!

As anyone would do, I had to do some fact-finding .

There were a couple of key things that were important to me

  1.  Budget
  2. Quality of purchase

Firstly, Budget was ruled out! To expensive and still that massive risk weather it may or may not work.

Secondly, Quality…

There were a handful of mixed reviews and that doesn’t give me the greatest amount of confidence…

Especially when the price is so high for me anyway. I guess I don’t have that much of an appetite for risk.

Most reviews of people who followed the Workout Plan didn’t actually finish it, Many just made it to the second week.

It seems like a intense/stressful workout regime to follow.

The Alternative that Im glad I came across that is Working For Me Further

It was important to me to not feel discouraged, I knew I had to loose all this unnecessary weight so I kept at it researching and cam across a cost effective, more popular (with all positive reviews) and easy to follow Workout Plan!

The alternative I came across is the Bikini Body Workouts by Jen Ferruggia.

This Guide is a huge standout!! Not only because it worked for me but because it is so comprehendible, it is much more affordable and its got loads of content 🙂

For a fraction of the price of what Massy Arias is asking you have access to workout videos, meal plans, eBooks, shopping lists and a whole lot of other stuff that will help contribute to helping you loose weight and get back in to shape!

It is always some fun when watching Jen Ferruggia’s videos! Plus it is ridiculously easy to follow.

Its great because you’re able to play them on your tablet iPad or smartphones allowing you to workout anywhere!

In my opinion I see greater value in $29.99 for the Bikini Body Workouts opposed to forking out $400 for the complete Massy Arias Workouts

What Do You Get With The Bikini Body Workouts.

If you’re similar to me and find it hard to wrap your head around spending that much money on Massy Arias Workouts and prefer spending your money on something that delivers greater value for the price you pay then listen in on what you receive when you guy Jen Ferruggias Bikini Workouts.

  1. Online instructional videos that you can access on the tablet or smartphones.
  2. An interactive workout guide that will unlock your fit self!
  3. A 21 Day Booty Blast guide that will tone your butt.
  4. Jen’s success tracker, workout sheets and grocery list.
  5. the Bikini Body Workout Nutrition Guide that will educate you on an east nutrition plan to follow.
  6. Supplement guide which indicates the top rated supplements to choose from.
  7. Support, which I find super valuable along side with emails filled with tips and motivation.All of that value for just $29.99
    Truely looking at that list you can see that you’ll be getting far greater value from Jen’s workout compared to what Massy Arias offering which is the reason why I chose to go with Jen’s Bikini Body Workouts.

    Check Out My Bikini Body Now !!


I have comfortably been working hard following the Bikini Body Workouts regime for 9 weeks now and honestly Im feeling incredible, like look at me 🙂

I am super proud and motivated, I really can’t wait to see how I look after I complete the whole program.

I have found it to be affordable easy to do and you don’t have to buy all this extra equipment to keep up with the workouts… Now my friends are on to it as well.

I had to share my thoughts and experience about my experience and I guess I’m sorry this wasn’t the Massy review you were after.

Jump on Jen’s website to see all the other true before and afters on her website 🙂

Feel free to leave any question you may have below!

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